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Know The Skin You Are In

Know your skin type so that you can use the right skin routine.

There has been a skin care routine craze that started in South Korea and has now taken over the skin care industry. However, what is the routine that is benefits the glow of melanin skin and does a change even need to occur?

Complete this sentence. At the end of the day my face is:

  • Oily or shiny
    • Although oily skin gets a bad rap, that oil can protects your skin. However, having an excess about can create blocked pores and pimples.
      • Try clay masks
      • Make sure your skin is not dehydrated because producing more oil is a sign.
  • T Zone is shimmering
    • Combination skin is tricky and applying a unique alternating routine might be necessary.
      • There is not 1 moisturizer that solves it all, and you might need to even use a few in direct areas on the face.
      • Have a balancing toner
      • Use tea tree oil to spot treat acne patches
  • Minimal oil and dryness.
    • Keep a good sunscreen handy (yes, we need one)
    • Maintain what you have been doing, however, skin types can change, so be vigilant
  • Flakey Or itchy
    • Sensitive skin can often feel like its protests everything you use on it.
      • Fragrance and dye free products are always a win
      • Be mindful of reactions to essential oils as well.

Everyone wants that natural, no need for a filter glow, and those times when we do not have it can be exhaustingly frustrating. Remember:

  • Cleanse gently: Our skin is beautiful, and our melanin is valuable, treat it with care. Utilize Makeup removers that do not dry out your skin.
  • Keep your face moisturized even during quarantine.
  • Try not to over exfoliate and when you do, use a gentle one.

Many of us can relate to being on a journey to loving our skin and embracing our own unique beauty. Continue that journey. There may be days that are harder than others, but your skin care routine is also self-care for your mind and body. Always take care of you first.

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