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Knowing Your Purpose: Meet Aisha Bowe

Award Winning NASA Rocket Scientist Aisha Bowe talks about being a black woman and breaking down ever boundary ever put before her.

Asia Bowe is the epitome of the question what do we look like?  When we as black women walk into a room what is it that you actually see of us? Do you see a scientist? Do you see an engineer? Do you see an entrepreneur? Do you see a mother? Do you see a VP of the United states of America? What is actually seen when a black woman walks into the room. 

Meet Aish Bowe, who is more than just a former engineer and rocket scientist at NASA and more than founder and business owner. Originally being told she would be better suited in the cosmetology field, Aisha showed up and showed out by graduating with an aerospace engineering degree from the university of michigan and becoming an award winning rocket scientist with NASA.

“It’s not about who you think you can be, it about who you know you are not” – Aisha Bowe

Some would say being at NASA is the “momma we made it” destination, but for Aisha, it’s just the beginning. Looking back on your upbringing and environment, a lot of the times you are not given all the options of who you can actually become. As a community we are slowly coming out of the ” you can be an entertainer or a baller” mentality, but you have to stop and think, if you are only given two options to become and you do not want either, what do you do? For Aisha, she leaned on what she is not, and that’s a quitter. Even after having trouble all throughout high school and not making the grades. Aisha continued on to showcase and represent what a rocket scientist looks like, inspiring so many other youth behind her. “You can be a scientist and still have a beat face!” 

Aisha Bowe Feature Interview

 It’s the representation for me! Aisha Bowe founded her start up STEMboard, which is an engineering solutions company with a mission to help youth break stereotypes, and the internalization of negative narratives that can potentially hinder them from pursuing careers in STEM. “Whether or not they grew up in the United States, South Africa or even in Paris everyone seems to be battling with their sense of self and that something that I live to to show people why they need to free themselves from that.You do not have to have a 4.0 to become a rocket scientist you just have to work hard because we all know that hard work beats Talent especially when Talent doesn’t work at all.”

“American dream is for everybody and not just for a few people” 

Read the full interview in our 2021 Women’s Edition here. Share your story of inspiration with us in the comments.

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