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At home gardens meets International farms.

At home gardens meets International farms.

The Month of August is a season of harvest for most green thumb enthusiasts. 6 African American home Gardeners and 6 Gambian Farmers came together to create a true sisterhood bond over all things home grown.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Farm, was an African Farmers Group (AFG) initiative to share and educate others on the agricultural Industry in The Gambia, Africa. There has been and increase in black gardeners all over the country, with many discovering their thumb is not that green after all. The sisterhood of the traveling farm program, provided a unique way for the experienced female agricultural business women of Gambia to talk tips and tricks while also showing off the beautiful African country.

How it worked:

AFG contacted 6 farmers from all over the USA and brought in 6 Gambian farmers from their own organization and paired them together for this 6 week program. Each farmer communicated with videos back and forth showing off their harvest and sharing their stories.

The program was an amazing experience for African American women to connect back with the motherland in a meaningful, unique and untainted fashion. This program allowed opportunity for exposure and dialogue between African American women and the Gambian women to showcase there many similarity and eradicate a lot of false narratives.

Who is African Farmers Group?

A major driving force in Africa that helps overcome the challenges associated with Agricultural production, especially with horticulture and livestock production. unlocking the potential in these sub-sectors with the ultimate result of becoming a significantly profitable venture for our Farmers (Men, Women and Youth).

IG: @africanfarmersgroup

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