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The Beauty of Having A Kamala Harris

How times have changed. Growing up seeing barely any melanin on the TV screen but when that token brown actor came on screen or was actually chosen as a game show contestant. Of course when that occurred, we cheered and rooted for them like they were directly related to us. My, how times have changed.

From November, 2008, when the first black president was elected and that beautiful black family took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, till November, 2020 when the first black female vice president graced the stage with her head held high. But what does this truly mean for us? Physical barriers have been shattered, yes, but what of the intangible successes?

  • Natural Beauty
    • In the past black women and men have been fetishized more than they have been taken seriously. As we watched Kamala debate with class and elegance, walking a fine line avoiding all outdated stereotypes during the campaign. We again watched as she entered the stage, simultaneously as we enter an age where our natural beauty is more widely accepted in the professional environment and we are being seen as educated, highly skilled individuals. We are speaking…and being heard.
  • Strength
    • Although the stereotype of our community being strong no matter how back breaking our circumstances might be, can be detrimental in terms of mental health, it is not being visibly embraced and acknowledged. As a community we are constantly reminded of the power we have in this country, but now, it was directly acknowledged and appreciated. We can no longer stay we do not have any power or cannot make a difference. We have strength to continue to be vigilant and hold our government accountable. We did it!
  • Diversity
    • To count the number of shades and pigments from our darkest beauties to the loveliness of our albino brothers and sisters, is an unattainable task. With each barrier that breaks, more exposure is brought to every kind of shade of us with more acceptance. With hope that future generations will never have to go on the journey to loving the skin they are in, like so many of us are on, or have completed.
  • Unapologetic Inspiration
    • If these past “history making” years have taught you anything, it is that you can be unapologetically you. There isn’t anything we cant do, and we should not feel hindered if others can not handle our Black Girl Magic and Brown Boy Joy. Reach for the stars, Apply to that job, ask for that promotion. We are here, We are speaking, We are being heard.