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Best Southern Christmas Recipes

Best Southern Christmas Recipes Of The Season

Are you looking for some great southern recipes to make this holiday season complete? Check out our roundup of the best southern traditional Christmas cooking and new twists on old favorites.

Is there anything more Christmas-y than a big, home cooked meal? If you’re looking for some down-home recipes to make your holiday season complete, you’ve come to the right place. From classic green beans and ham to decadent sweet potato pie, we’ve got all the best Southern Christmas recipes of the season. So fire up that oven and get cooking!

When you think southern cooking, Cajun and creole dishes will creep into the conversation eventually. That’s why we are starting off with a classic must have in any southern Christmas kitchen. Not from the south? That’s fine, Southern themed Christmas’s have the most fun.

Fun Fact: Southern kitchens feed a lot of mouths. So there is a great chance that chicken wings will make its way to onto the menu. Its a great snack for kids, and leftover staple. Check this recipe out for a savory southern Christmas delight.

Each year more and more people are making lifestyle changes to Pescatarian and even Veganism. Even if you aren’t making a lifestyle change, and just want to give another option for your southern Christmas dinner, e got you covered! This Salman recipe is a Staff Favorite.

Just because your are in the south, doesn’t mean you cant add in an international cuisine. Don’t Worry, its easy to make, and can be placed right next to the dirty rice dish, no one will know the wiser. Trust us.

What is the south with out a rendition of chicken and waffles. This dish is great for Christmas Breakfast, Christmas Brunch, Christmas Brunch W/Mimosas (Because those are TWO different vibes! Right!?), Christmas Lunch, and of course your southern Christmas dinner.

When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing more classic than a big home cooked meal. Whether you’re looking for some Southern classics or trying something new this year, we’ve got all the best recipes of the season here! So whether you want traditional dishes like green beans and ham or are feeling adventurous with sweet potato pie, these Christmas dishes will help make your holiday complete! And if that’s not enough (it never is), then check out Ultimate Gifts Guides for any last minute gifts ideas in mind. No matter what type of gift your looking for, Ultimate Gifts Guides has it.

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