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Black Boy Joy Spotlight: Gerald A Moore Sr.

Introducing Gerald Moore Sr.

It’s been a journey so much so that I am an Amazon best selling author for my book “Motivate Black Boys” which details my story. I grew up in the inner city upstate New York, like many young black males in my community I had my first police encounter at 12, I was expelled from school at 14, I did the infamous Scared Straight Program, I fathered my first child at 17 and as a senior in high school I found myself with full custody of my son when he was 3-months-old. I was also a star high school football player but with the grades that I had getting a scholarship was going to be a challenge and having a child pretty much made it a non-option. Fortunately for me Norfolk State University had an open enrollment policy at the time and I was able to test into their engineering department where I attained a bachelors degree in Electronics Technology Engineering.

This spring boarded my career as I found myself at 26 with a six figure job for one of the top consulting firms in the world. Through all I had gone through to make it. I knew that I needed to give back. I began to coach youth sports and talk to kids about making it out of negative environments. I launched the Tech School for Black Boys teaching technology to the athletes that I coached and helped a lot of them get scholarships to go to college.

After a 20 year career as a cybersecurity engineer I realized that I could do more for my community in the fact that the racism that I experienced in a field where black males make up less than 5% of STEM workforce. I now leverage my voice and experiences as a diversity and inclusion speaker and advocate. I also founded Mission Fulfilled 2030 nonprofit organization who’s vision is to Inspire, Educate & Activate 100,000 Black boys in tech/STEM.

What Inspired You?

I believe that Black boys given the opportunity can be just as successful as I have been. By the grace of God I have had a successful career but I’ve always known that my gifting is that I am a leader of men and I strongly believe in order to restore the Black family we have to raise up some strong mentally fit and technologically savvy boys. I have 3 daughters and the chances that they have to marry a man in the mold of their father is a very low percentage. That’s what keeps me up at night that’s what motivates me everyday to continue the work that I do.

Greatest Black Boy (Man) Joy Moment?

Fathering a child at 17 years of age and having full custody of my son when he was 3-months-old, the data says that’s it would have been more likely for us to be in prison at the same time than to both graduate from college. It’s with a great sense of pride that as a first generation college graduate, that I was able to lay the foundation for my son to achieve what he has in his life. I dreamed for a long time growing up that I would play in the NFL. I was a star high school football player who was good enough to play at a high level in college but having a child and poor grades focusing on getting my engineering degree has proven to be the better choice. But I portrayed my dream onto my son and he became a star high school and collegiate football player achieving All-American honors his freshman year at Ohio University.

I was proud of his achievements, but what I was most proud of was when my son was released from the Oakland Raiders of the NFL, his agent called me and said he had several teams that wanted to sign him and my son said he was done. When I spoke with my son he said it was never my dream to play in the NFL. He reminded me of conversations we had growing up where we discussed using football to get a free education and contacts and to never let the game use him and he walked away from the game. This was a great moment for me because not only did we both make it, it reaffirmed to me that I was doing something right in this world.

What Does It Mean To Be A Black Man Today?

To be a Black man in the United States today is a struggle. Regardless of your educational level, achievements and accolades you are still subject to substandard treatment by the dominant society. I have had a gun put to my head by law enforcement several times as a teen, college student and as a mature man in a suit. The negative narrative of the Black man is one that permeates the minds of people to actually believe that we are subhuman and should be hunted down and killed like Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. But this plight for me presents an opportunity to leverage my voice tell my story and coach the next generation through this landscape. As a world traveler the opportunity to visit multiple countries where I felt more respected as a Black man than here in the United States. But it’s with a great sense of pride that I can hold my head high knowing that I am feared for my intelligence and when I walk into the boardroom I can compete with the most brilliant minds and I don’t have to accept substandard treatment.

The Impact Of Seeing A Black Man Happy

I think it means a lot to our community to see Black men being happy. Black women have been the backbone of the family for generations. Black men have suffered most recently mass incarceration, school to prison pipeline and many other systematic oppression. There is tons of data out there reporting that the state of the Black family is in decline. I firmly believe that it’s the responsibility of Black men to restore the Black family. Black women have been there supporting us. But in order to truly rebuild our communities raise more mentally healthy and strong children Black men must be in a space where we are happy to be productive and community builders.

How Do You Want To Impact Our Community?

When I leave this physical body and this earth and become an ancestor I pray that my work and impact will be legendary and the stories told by those who encountered my presence will continue in their missions. The vision that I have for Mission Fulfilled 2030 is one that I think is absolutely beneficial to rebuilding the Black family. This vision aligns with my purpose and unique gifting to be a leader of men.

Biggest Impact On You As A Man?

My father the late John H. Moore impacted my life in many ways. I call my father beautifully flawed as he was not perfect and participated in many behaviors that he coached me against. Through his struggles there was one thing that I always knew is that he loved his children and his family. He had tremendous work ethic which he portrayed to me. I still hear his words ringing in my ear “Do as I say not as I do”. My strength work ethic and desire to be the best I owe to my father. He was also a creative man who believed that he could do anything he put his mind to. I have this belief there is never any problem that I feel like I can’t overcome. He always told me to be a leader and hold my head high and always look a man in his eyes.

Supporting Gerald A Moore

If you would like to support me, make a donation to Mission Fulfilled 2030 and support a young Black male. We are preparing the launch of our 10,000 Black boys initiative where we are looking to get new members into our organization and get 10,000 people to sponsor one young Black male for $25. This will allow us to create the largest community of Black boys in Tech/STEM and get them started in our Youth Tech Entrepreneurs Program.

Okay family you know how we do it. A Like, Comment and Share is free but provides so much support and love to our fellow Entrepreneurs. Connect with Gerald Moore on Instagram and Website.

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