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John David Lewis

Black Boy Joy Spotlight: John David Lewis

John David Lewis

Many of us have at minimum seen the evolution and increase in the Black Travel Movement. Traveling from state to state and even out of the country. However, Today we introduce you to John David Lewis an expat, who took advantage of career opportunities and moved overseas.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story, how did you get to where you are today?

This is a loaded question but I will do my best. This journey has been filled with so many stages of being lost and reflecting back on where I came from. Everybody has a story and my story is filled with mistakes, some that I knew I was making and others I did not. My life was burdened with hardships and probably some that no one should have to learn from. With that being said, I was also blessed with a drive that led to some monumental events that changed my life for the better. I am here today because of several reasons but I want to highlight my want to do better. The last three years of my life have changed so much and these events brought me to this point.

I took on a challenge to change my complete health. What started as a change in my diet such as removing wheat, fluoride, meat, and dairy, amongst other things, became a catalyst to changes in my mental, physical and spiritual practices). Some thought I was crazy, but it was the best experience. My overall idea of what happened is that I removed things that I had an abundance of in my body and it cleared my mind. I challenged my childhood upbringing, habits, parents, their parents, God, and anything else that I was taught. It sent me to a dark place, but it was so worth it. I recommend anybody planning to do anything like this to get a therapist or do it with somebody that will follow through and be supportive in all aspects of the process.

My employment contract changed and my family went back to the States while I stayed in Abu Dhabi. We had some goals and decided I should stay to make sure we could accomplish all that we wanted. When they left, my life turned upside down. This was the first time in my life that I had to live by myself for longer than a few weeks. It got really quiet in the house and it forced me to listen…to myself.

I had started to unlayer any and everything to understand why things happened in my life the way they did. Being alone removed the family distractions and it forced me to deal with feelings I had not known I had insecurities, bad habits, poor communication, being narrow minded and anything you could think of that was holding me back from achieving greatness. By the time the pandemic hit I was coming out of my darkness while everybody else was being forced to stay inside. While folks were complaining or worried about things outside I was becoming more comfortable with who I was on the inside.

At this point I was sharpening my own swords and I felt that if I worked on myself doors would open. Guess what? They did and I have been going full court press ever since. I have taken it upon myself to learn how to become an effective communicator, learn Arabic, meditation, exercise, and be productive in my spare time. While doing these things I was asked if I was interested in doing a podcast. In my head I was like, “It is happening!” and this is where I am in life.

I am continuing to improve in areas to make sure I am ready when it is time to lead by example on a public platform. Sometimes you have to get ready for something bigger to happen and that is my mindset.

I am completing my 19th year in education and I plan to retire from that setting to pursue podcasting and possibly consulting. This podcast opportunity only came because the universe felt it and I am going to keep working to be the example some of us need to keep pushing.

What inspired you to do what it is that you do?

The want to help other people in ways that I did not know has driven me to walk this path. I truly feel that I am still trying to find my way but the way I am going seems very promising. I have had a wonderful life but it seems that it has gotten exponentially better. I believe that it has to do with me truly trying to find ways to get better by doing the right thing. After 19 years in education and doing this podcast has given me an outlet to lead with intent and purpose to show others it can be done. No matter how little the win it counts to your overall totality of success. Reflecting on my childhood and the many mistakes as a man due to my lack of enlightenment has pushed me forward to trying to be more of a voice for those who do not have one.

Share a story with us about your greatest moment of Black Boy (Man) Joy.

My greatest moment as a Black man is becoming the man I did not know existed. This feeling I have makes me want to be a better husband, father, friend, colleague, etc. I was not bad in those areas but I can always improve. And the drive to want to get better leads me to believe that everybody around me will benefit and get better also. I did not have the best examples but I did try to take something from everybody to become better. Now I take from anybody who uses my time. Time is the most valuable currency, so I try to spend it wisely and always learn in the process. Change your mindset and your habits change.

My wife has shown me how to become a better man by allowing her to lead me in areas where I have shortcomings. I always thought I had to do this one way and that was me doing it. I had to learn the hard way, but now that I know better I do better. My wife gave my last name substance in generations to come and I wear that as a badge of honor.

Meet The Lewis Crew

Share a story with us about your greatest moment of Black Boy (Man) Joy.

To be a Black man comes with major responsibility. Those of us who made it out of the trenches need to work on how we can help our community thrive even when it looks almost impossible. The media and environment have caused us to believe that we are successful by assimilating into their society. I am referring to the majority when I say that. We are as American as they are and we do not know the true power we hold just being Black. We are the largest trendsetters in the world. People want to wear, drink, drive, and live our life without the hardships. Whenever we truly realize our power we will save the world and get our just due for all of the people who sacrificed their lives for me to just say this. I have grown to the point where I realize my responsibility, I accept it and I want to show others how they can do their part by helping others while smiling and enjoying this thing we call life.

What do you think it means to our community to see Black Men Being Happy?

It means the world to me. To be a Black man in America is tough, we do not talk about it but most of us are doing the best we can do. So when I see Black men happy I get happy because I may not understand their life, but I do understand that we have similar social problems that can cause you to have a weight on top of you that seems to be immovable. Live, laugh and love.

What impression or impact would you want to leave on the black community?

I want to lead by example and be the person I did not have growing up even as an adult. When I am gone, I want people to know that I truly woke up everyday trying to create the best version of myself and to lift as I climb. I speak with purpose and lead with intent more than ever and I know in order for me to be successful I have to work on things when nobody is looking. I have established some great habits and I feel that I am on the path to greatness. My career is ending in K-12 but starting in the podcast world. I want to continue working on me and when I become good enough, I will be found.

Be Great,
On Purpose

Words of inspiration you live by?

Make today better than yesterday and do not worry about things you cannot control. Attack the day with relentless tenacity and bend all opportunities to your will. Be Great on Purpose!

Name a man who impacted your life?

Hassan Johnson is a man that impacted my life. I met this young man a few years back. After getting to know him and learning his story, he said that his younger years were like mine. Like mine means reckless behavior with the lack of a thought for any consequences, plus being outspoken, arrogant, rude and not really caring. I did not believe him because his demeanor was that of a man that was too cool to get a rise from anything. He spoke when he needed to and gave advice when asked. He did not seek attention and still got the respect and attention any man would want. The reason he impacted me was because a friend of mine said I could never be like that because it was not in me. I was so bothered that I took the personal challenge of becoming better in my presentation to the world. I am not there, but I truly feel I am getting there. Changing immature habits in me was very difficult. I have lived this way my whole life and now I am a grown man and a friend says I could not do something. So I decided to focus on ways to improve my appearance to the world and study communication. Thinking you know everything is one of the worst characteristics one could possess. My arrogance and lack of humility made me look very immature in a lot of situations. I refuse to not learn from those moments of ignorance again so that I can improve in life

How can the community support you?

The community can support by working on themselves one day at a time. We all face so much adversity just by being Black but most of us do not have any resources on how to find peace. You can also support me by subscribing and watching a podcast I am a part of called Diverse Clarity. It’s where we have thought provoking conversations about things that matter and some that don’t.

Share your thoughts and show love this Black King in the comments!

Connect with John on Instagram and support his podcast.

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  • Beautiful read this man is a mans man, for being honest and happy with himself. Nothing like challenging yourself to find yourself, I’m proud of this father,husband and brother.

  • Team great piece! You speak with great clarity on where you are on this new journey in life. We all have a story, most of us have some battle scars from life. The difference is you’ve taken the time to extract those moments and experiences that have shaped you; and now you are determined to use them as fuel to not only make you a better person but your community a better place. I’m here for it team! May God continue to bless you and your family. May God continue to prosper you and all that you set your hands to do. TAPLL

  • Hello John,

    Good article and congratulations on continuing to push through and persevere!!

  • This was awesome! A great read, and I love how open you are. I’m proud of you. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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  • Very introspective, honest and positive. Wishing you and your family hundreds of years of happiness & success. Whatever you want, go for it.

  • It is my honor to have encountered you and your wife at the onset of your journey. The authenticity of your transparency around the necessity of growth and introspection is exceptionally refreshing. May you and your family only continue to grow… evolve… transition… to the continued fulfillment of purpose that lies ahead.

  • I’ve seen this man’s evolution… I’m not surprised I’ve bit… he started from greatness… it just had to surface in a way he recognized!

  • I loved the transparency of this article! It’s dope to read how much you have grown and how much this will impact other Black men! Thank you so much for sharing looking forward to all of the great things that are coming your way!!

  • Great read, definitely enjoy hearing your story, as it seems to align with mine (minus the family). I had to learn, even in college, on to focus my energy on how to better myself and listen to people in general. Sometimes it is very difficult to take other’s opinions when you do it feel people have your best interest at heart. So i became more vocal, pushed for success in different arenas, and eliminated things that seemed to be a deterrent for me moving forward. I love your energy and enthusiasm throughout the read, it tells a lot of what I did not know, and where you are planning to go moving forward

  • I guess I can say I met John in his immature years nite knowing him I’ve seen the difference he’s speaking about and it’s a wonderful sight. He’s truly an example if you put your mind to something you can change.

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  • Young Man,
    I really enjoyed reading your story, it’s REALLY DEEP!!!
    I’m So PROUD Of The Young Man, Husband, and Father You Are.
    I Love You And The LewiSquad

  • Bruh, I found the article to be informative and enlightening. I found myself reflecting on my outlook on life and how I live life. Although my story has some similarities concerning how others see me and my reaction circumstances. I grew up in a different time.

    Continue to improve you and know that others are learning and on a similar path.