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Brands For The Culture

The importance of having the culture represented in books, accessories, games and toys, honestly doesn’t need to be explained, because it is felt and experienced by us all

Black Owned brands for the culture

A list of brands that truly doesn’t even need an introduction. The importance of having the culture represented in books, accessories, games and toys, honestly doesn’t need to be explained, because it is felt and experienced by us all. Here are a few black owned brands that are for the culture.


ANU CROWN is a new online business providing fun, quality and easily accessible hats, which the firm calls brims, via the firm’s website and pop-up experiences.  The firm carries brim wear with classic cuts, specifically the popular fedora, that provide both style and functionality.  Creating a brand that is much more than just a hat, Anu Crown is becoming family. Just as you embrace your family.


ONE GOTTA GO is an adult party & debate game. 4 Choices, One Gotta Go. Have fun, intense, real, and memorable conversations with your friends and family. This deck covers 9 topics from movies, music, sports, sex, music and more. If you love hip hop, movies, outdoor activities, food, and good conversation, this deck is for you. 4 Choices, ONE GOTTA GO. Have fun with your family & friends.


Sydney and Kennedy are sisters and best friends who are attached at the hip. When Sydney overhears Mommy tell Daddy that the sock monster got their socks again, adventure ensues! The fearless little sister hatches a plan to catch the mysterious sock monster and convinces her big sister to come along for the ride! Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster is a fun story about mischievous little monster with a penchant for socks but also about sisterhood and how these sisters band together to solve problems.


This dolls hair has been customized to have handmade Loc’s. She comes with a new handmade outfit, earrings and heels. The Natural Girls United project is something that will help to bring a positive view of what ethnic beauty is. There is a serious need for our young girls to be able to have dolls that look like them. It is something that affects their self esteem and confidence, and how they feel about themselves. Each day we learn that it is important to show them and teach them that their beauty is beautiful.


Daddy, what you cooking? is a great book for family time in the kitchen. The book displays an active father sharing a moment of culinary arts with his curious son. In addition, a full recipe for chicken alfredo is available inside.


The #1 card game strictly for the culture. Exposing the real-ones and the undercover vultures. Bring your A-game and a couple of your friends. Disclaimer: We are not responsible when the relationship ends.


Lindewe Glover is smart, funny, daring – and a world class thief. But when she attempts to rob the Steven S. Biko – a massive starship bound for a new home for thousands of African-Americans fed up with life on Earth – Lindewe finds that she may have bitten off far more than she can chew. Also included are two more stories set aboard the Biko as it heads towards a new beginning for black people in the unknown of deep space.


HBCU Coloring Book

There’s nothing like the memories we make in college, and nowhere is that truer than at an HBCU. Historically Black colleges and Universities are an important part of history and we can appreciate the legacy of schools such as WSSU, Morehouse, Spelman, NC A&T, Howard, FAMU, Hampton and more! Whether you’re looking back on your time at your illustrious Alma Mater , or just beginning a new chapter of your life, this coloring book is the perfect way to enjoy the relaxation of coloring and the bonding of a shared hobby with your friends.


"It’s impossible not to admire the ambition and scope of 'Homegoing,' and thanks to Ms. Gyasi’s instinctive story

Thanks to Ms. Gyasi’s instinctive storytelling gifts, the book leaves the reader with a visceral understanding of both the savage realities of slavery and the emotional damage that is handed down, over the centuries, from mothers to daughters, fathers to sons. At its best, the novel makes us experience the horrors of slavery on an intimate, personal level; by its conclusion, the characters’ tales of loss and resilience have acquired an inexorable and cumulative emotional weight.

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