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Deep Impact ways to stay safe this holiday season

Deep Impact ways to stay safe this holiday season

Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of a Pandemic, countries around the world are preparing lock down measures to preserve as many citizens lives as possible. Similar things can be said here in the USA, with Flu season fast approaching amid COVID-19, coupled with the years largest holiday season.

We need our families and the fellowship with friends for sanity sake, but how do we invite friend and family over without inviting COVID-19 too?

Here are 8 simple Tips that can keep you and yours safe this holiday season.

  1. Keep a Tight Guest List

    1. Most times the holidays bring in friends, family, and acquaintances from all over, usually visiting multiple houses that day. Try and keep a firm hand on your guest list so that you know “Who All Gone Be There”, and what friends are tagging along.
  2. Shop Online

    1. It might be tradition to hit the stores after dinner or early the next morning, but with Flu Season coming and COVID still around, it might be a better idea to screen cast your computer onto the big screen and Cyber-shop with the whole family.
  3. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize!

    1. The guest list might not approve, but safety is key. Have all your guest’s sanitizer or wash their hands when they enter. Keeping the Outside where it belongs, OUTSIDE.
  4. Temperature checker

    1. If your house is usually the house where EVERYONE stops by for a piece of that famous pie. A quick temp check at the door might make a great impact. This may sound “Extra” but you can grab an inexpensive temper checker to make sure Fever doesn’t show up at your feast.
  5. Pre-Made To Go Plates

    1. Most times everyone can make their own to go plates. We all have had guests that arrive late just to make a plate. Having those to go plates already premade can keep unnecessary hands out the pot.
  6. Outside = Mask ON

    1. When you are outside, make sure you keep your mask on. Even if the young ones are playing outside, let them keep on their coats and masks for protection
  7. Avoid Potlucks

    1. Although for some it might go without saying but try to avoid potluck style gatherings. You just do not know who, how, or where it was made. In this instance, its better to be safe that sick.
  8. Disinfect All surfaces

    1. This may go without saying, but there are surfaces that we often time forget to disinfect like, board game pieces, video game consoles, and the tv remote. Be sure to spray and wipe down all high traffic surface areas.
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