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Is BGV Events The New Funding For Black Business Owners?

Let’s start off by saying if you haven’t attended a Black Girl Ventures event or watched their streamed content, you have missed out on a GEM….periodt. The unique poems of empowerment at the beginning of each event by Shelly Bell, brings out the Queen in any woman. Wait, have we gotten too far ahead in the story because we are still riding the BGV high? Probably. Let’s start over.

Who is BGV?

Black Girl Ventures’ mission is to provide Black/Brown woman-identifying founders with access to community, capital, and capacity building in order to meet business milestones that lead to economic advancement through entrepreneurship. Addressing the unique challenges Black/Brown women face in accessing social and financial capital to grow their businesses. The BGV Style pitch competition is the largest pitch competition globally for Black/Brown women founders. It uniquely combines the premise of Shark Tank and Kickstarter by activating community participation in donating to support women-owned businesses directly.

Immediately being floored by seeing us, with our hair, with our skin complexion, with our accent, with our flair, with our aura and energy that we bring to the scene was worth it and remarkable. Being able to see with our own eyes that we are in positions that can make the difference for our community. Knowing that someone like Kiana Thompson who is the hair care buyer for Walmart, meaning that she is placing high-quality products for our hair and making at it as accessible to us products that are for us and also provide an opportunity for us to get into big department stores like that. Those are life changing, life altering positions to be in and to know that we Black people are in these positions means so much that words cannot describe.

Black Girl Ventures was created by Shelly Bell. BGV events is a place where BIPOC women are able to pitch their business to potentially get funding from the founders. The audience and the viewers are able to support the businesses directly through donations and votes using Risify.co. They have these events showcasing women all around the country as well you can view current and previous event here. If you or another brand that you support is in this competition I am strongly encourage you to go to vote, promote and support.

Who To Support?

You can watch any of the previous pitch competitions, for exposure to women owned businesses that are killing the entire game. Or you can hop right in on their latest event this month with Nike. This Pitch competition is spicy and we have it bookmarked in our calendar for every round. See who the Finalist and contestants are.


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The Fit In was created to serve a need. A need for quality health and wellness for all. The Fit In’s fitness studios set up in fitness deserts to provide quality fitness to underserved areas. The Fit In’s Shop continues this mission by providing access to health and fitness related products to those long underserved by the industry. The Shop provides our diverse community with awareness and access to brands that truly believe in health for all.

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Support these finalist by voting for them. Voting Closes on May 7th 2021 11:59pm EST. Black Girl Ventures is one of a kind and we as a community should support as much as possible. Remember a Like, Comment, and Share is free and can go a long way.

Check out Black Girl Ventures on Youtube, Instagram and their website.

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