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Last Minute Scorpio Gift Ideas

Looking for a last minute gift? Here’s an awesome list of gifts any Scorpio would love.

If you’re looking for a gift for a Scorpio, you already know they’re passionate, determined, and fiercely loyal — and it’s precisely that combination that attracts them. A Scorpio woman embraces her inner femme fatale like no other sign in the zodiac. As a result, your scorpion sister, lover, or friend will appreciate gifts that appeal to her sensual side, such as lingerie, scented candles, and bold accessories in high-gloss black, burgundy, silver, and green. Scorpio men are known for their undeniable charm and love of romance, as well as their fondness for risky games, leather goods, and sleek gadgets. Consider 007 vibes for all genders.

Scorpios may appear sentimental due to their early holiday season births, but this is not the truth. Above all, persons born under this water sign are all about power. They’re multi-layered and complicated, with a clandestine side that enjoys alone time to strategize how they’ll achieve their objectives — which they will. And they’re silently plotting how they’ll arrive to their destination. Choose something that will aid your Scorpio’s quest, such as a self-assured leather jacket or a badass briefcase.

The Scorpio in your life will appreciate a well-made present that will outlast the season because he or she is very perceptive and appreciates good quality.   With this gift, though, thinking is more important than monetary value. Get them a gift that they’ll enjoy every day and that complements their appearance. 

Here are the ideal gifts for a Scorpio, and they’re all black owned!

AAKS Hand Crafted


Rae Monae Candles

Focus and Frame

Juvia’s Place


Tori Soudan

Scorpio is a sign known for their intense personalities and deep desires. If you’re looking to buy the perfect gift, we’ve got your covered with some awesome items that are owned by people of color too! Check out our magazine to see more about what these gifts would be like. Have any other ideas? Share them in the comment section below!

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