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Safe Spaces For Black Women: Any Recommendations?

Finding a safe space to be a black woman can sometimes be hard, especially if you do not already have a squad that you made from your HBCU days, that additional stood the test of time through the true adulthood subscription, that we are all trying to unsubscribe from, and even parenthood. If that isn’t your squad, you are then faced with finding friends through various channels and avenues like FB Groups, people you bump into at the gym or even upgrading a coworker to friend status.

But the question still remains, where is the safe space for black women to mingle and be themselves 100 percent no judgement? A retreat? Perhaps, but sometimes we are looking for something additional. Meditation and workshops are great and needed, but after awhile you might want to listen to the music that took over the ’99 and 2000s!

That’s were Ashley Roseboro founder of Trap N Retreat events comes in. On April 23rd 2021, The quarterly Trap N Retreat event was held virtually. This was a place for black women to let down their hair down and just care for self, with the option to twerk away everything and everyone who tried them this week. It was the perfect blend and included something for everyone. Starting with the event gift box, filled to the brim, literally, with all the self care needs. Candy, candles, a tote bag, wine, liquor and even a chopping board for the cooking workshop all packed neatly into a box delivered to your door. With fun games, an in house DJ and conversations, the vibe gave everything that is was supposed to give. #Periodt

Of course, with workshops ranging from topics such as mental health to restorative yoga to even the highly engaging “Owning your sexuality” session, we were here for it all. The sessions, break out games and the discussions were so needed. It is something about being able to relate and not have to over explain yourself or feelings to people. That was therapeutic in itself.

I know we, are extremely excited for the next events featured by Trap N Retreat.

You know how we like to support family. A Like, Share, Comment and Follow is always free but provides so much love and support for our fellow entrepreneurs. Show Ashley Rosoboro the most love possible for providing us with a safe space to express how we need to.

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